Measuring Components

Photo:Strain gages

Strain gages consist of a very fine metallic foil etched in a grid pattern, which is bonded to a device and used to measure the strain, or amount of deformation of the device when weight or pressure is applied.

Photo:Force sensors

The force sensors are sensors for mass production that use strain gages.

Photo:Load cells

Minebea manufactures load cells that use strain gages to convert weight into electrical out put.

Photo:Pressure sensor

Using strain gage, these pressure sensors are sensors that measure pressure as electric signals.

Photo:Torque transducers

The sensors for torque measurement measures the twist with a strain gage in various driving parts like the engine and the transmission, etc.

Photo:6 axis force sensors / Vector sensors

6-axis force sensor detects all forces of three axis crossing at right angles and each torque. The vector sensor detects the forces of only three axis.

Photo:Digital Indicators

Minebea produces digital indicators for use in its load cells, transducers and other measuring components.

Photo:Tensile and compression testing machines

Used to measure the amount of stretch and contraction of devices.

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